Connecting Elements.....

Connecting Elements is an ode to this warm and welcoming world of hospitality, that has till now been a thankless world.Connecting Elements is for introducing you to the ‘Behind the scenes’ of an Opera they perform everyday.

It is a magazine that covers the world of hospitality like never before. It showcases the latest trends and changes, recognizes people that are working tirelessly to create beautiful memories for us.

With Connecting Elements we want to showcase various components that Hospitality Industry comprises of. We aim to act as a bridge between this thrilling and adventurous jorney and you.Connecting Elements will present experiences, memories, awareness of latest trends, success stories and a lot more to you.

There is so much new happening around us and we aim to register the same. We are soon going to launch this magazine and look forward to a great response and support from the Hospitality Industry.Connecting Elements is an attempt of creating a buzz about our industry and to be more specific – Our people. Because I believe that the world we live in is only as good as the people around us are!

April-June (EDITION-1)


Ihmcs (EDITION-2)


Ihmcs (EDITION-3)