Graduation Course in Hotel Management...

Graduation in Hotel Management program walks you through every department of a hotel and trains your eyes for the best practices in hospitality management. This program focuses on developing overall skill and knowledge of the candidate at supervisory and managerial level.

Program length :- 3 yrs.
Requires :- Sr. Secondary (12th Standard) in any Discipline.

Course Outline :-

Program is run based on model of Hospitality industry and covers theoretical and practical studies of four major departments namely – Front office, Housekeeping, Food Production & Food and beverage Services. It also familiarizes you to basic Food science, Hotel Laws, Communication and Human resource management.

Industrial Training :-

The program includes an industrial exposure in form of IT for a duration of six months which is very crucial for candidate’s skill development as it provides on job training.

Languages Covered :-

French, German, Spanish & English proficiency.