Diploma in Food Production

This is a 1 year Diploma course that aspires to develop professionals in field of food production and culinary studies. With incorporation of required skills it provides students the much valued exposure of the industry as well during the additional 6 months of Industrial training.

Program length :- 1 yrs.
Requires :- : Secondary (10th Standard) & above
Age Limit :- 17 yrs or above age.

Course Outline :-

The program is a balanced blend of knowledge of different fields of Culinary Studies. It covers basic training in food production, quantity food kitchen, regional cuisines of India, international cuisines, bakery and confectionary arts, basics of food science, HACCP & Communication skills.

Industrial Training :-

The program includes an industrial exposure in form of IT for a duration of six months which is very crucial for candidate’s skill development as it provides on job training.