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Disconnect To Reconnect By Rahul Kumawat


As many of we are aware that biodiversity loss leads to the emergence of new diseases like the current COVID-19, the world is grappling with. The entire world is now affected and the resources are getting exhausted. Even the best healthcare system is failing to tackle the explosion of COVID-19. As the disease is spreading in this world, we and our family are also worried about it. Following the suggestion and order of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, all of us are quarantined in our homes and are spending this challenging time during the pandemic with family by staying at home.

 Due to this epidemic time, we are at home so I am spending my whole time happily with my family as I got this opportunity. I am trying to be closer and making our relations cozier. The love for family remains the same, however as we grow up and our circle of friends and acquaintances grows, we inevitably spend lesser time with them. I am trying my best to again touch upon those lost connections.I trying to be more helpful towards my mother by doing a few household chores, for I now realize how much for granted we all take it and how daunting and overwhelming it can feel to be a homemaker. Being from Hotel Management I am trying to cook new dishes and I have tried my hands upon brown rice, pav-bhaji, chole-bhature, chocolate cake with biscuits or coffee powder, etc. As the food resources are limited, it is also teaching me to make the best out of the available resources.

I am a student, and for a student learning should never cease. Though there is a learning in everything we do, there is definitely no substitute to the learning that our college delivers to us under our professional and skill-based course. We are not keeping away from that either. We are able to continue studying through the E-learning platform of IHMCS where not only our faculty members are delivering their lessons on a daily basis, however, many demo sessions/ interactive sessions/ training sessions are being conducted by the experts from the Hospitality World. It feels like a whole world's learning and experience is now accessible to me on this magical screen. I can never forget all the fun activities that were included in our classes at IHMCS to enhance our learning. I especially loved how my faculties always related the lessons to real-life examples that would allow the material to make more logical sense and to recall the material when being tested on it. What is applaudable, is that we still get to experience that sense of fun at learning, as we are given online fun activity, from time to time. I would like to thank the college for how approachable my teachers and the whole environment of IHMCS is. I am usually very anxious about approaching professors but you people make things very simple and human. Even when online, I can feel the genuine concern you have towards your students.

I would like to conclude by saying that as a student, we spend most of our time with two sets of people - our family and our teaching institutions. Quarantine has helped me look at both of these with a new perspective and rejuvenate a few lost bonds.





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