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Microbreweries: Renaissance in the Indian context By Shraboni Puri

When the United States already had 2300 microbreweries by mid-1980s and 135 in the U.K at the same time, the embryonic status of this dynamics of alcohol evolves from the fact that Indians had always believed in restoring their culture. Be it the agricultural product in the form of country liquor or absolute abstinence under the religious domain, alcohol always failed to acquire its eligible status in the Indian society, however the birth of a boutique concept in the form of microbrewery thrusts upon a revolution that has changed the phenomena of the global beer market and the pattern of the consumer choices. Owing to the fact that India has its own preferences, as per BMI Report, total alcohol consumption in India is at 5.1 liters per capita in 2018, considerably lower than the Asian per capita average of 20.9 liters. Ironically to these statistics, the Indian millennial promises a hyperbole projection in the beer Graph with the onset of microbreweries in the chart. The global craft beer market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 14.1% during the forecast period (2020 - 2025). Stylish, innovative, distinctive flavors than the pale lager, carving niche products by beer connoisseurs ranging from European style beer to expression of a beer curator, a microbrewery sets to delight the art, science, and commerce of brewing. A microbrewers’ ability to honor the challenges of the palate of its consumers strengthens its mass appeal and breaks the monotony of rigid large scale formulas. The exponential success of microbreweries in our country speaks a volume on millennia’s spending capacity and an attitude to embrace a variety of experiences in terms of taste. The vision to create a market for beer, skill to play with taste, technology to support the creation, size of the venture and the ownership are the deciding criteria for engaging with a microbrewery and neolocalism doesn’t play much in the act as it is the beginning of a journey rather than restoration as in the U.S or other European countries. The economic slowdown, the social unrest, FSSAI controlling the yeast count in Beer, the unstructured state government regulations and the licensing ordeals, limited skills to develop brewing culture and underdeveloped infrastructure tops the chart of the reason behind the restricted response to the essence of the microbreweries. However, all these factors source from one fundamental objective and that is our lack of discerning senses to appreciate beer of its best of qualities, be its ingredients or bouquet, its cohesive command in social uplifting, or its rich history back time immemorial. The awareness to search fact beyond stories, chemistry beyond the myth, drawing limits beyond overconsumption and sense of satisfaction beyond peer pressure, making right choices against compromised tastes developed due to ill choices made in younger years of mishandling alcohol are the keys to open the gateways to enjoy the elixir of life.


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  1. Umesh May 17, 2020 08:42 AM

    Very well written....loved it

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    A blog focusing on the ground report of the industry

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    Nice article.

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    Well put, to the point with some facts and not unnecessarily long :) I like!

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    Nice read , could hv been more .. longing for more such blogs

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    Great details... Shows in-depth research... Now I m feeling like having a fresh brewed one 😉

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    True, Actual and Useful information. A worth sharing information.

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    A good insight on subject. Waiting for more such articles

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    Hi Very well written and very hote true to Indian culture . Appreciate your views and quite like your articulation . Please keep writing, sharing & inspiring.

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