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Responsible Tourism is the future of travel-Simon Reeves.
The sensible antiphon to the consequences of over-tourism as a result of mass tourism is 'Responsible 
Tourism'. Tourism generates hopes to the community in terms of income, facilities, the travel impulse. This
chain eventually leads to a desire for more and ignorance to environmental elements.
The restoration of the ecosystem by the means of a take care attitude towards the destinations, their
attractions and resources along with the display of sensitivity to the local people as they the core
the element of the tourism dynamics. As we all realize, the only solution to recreate the lost balance of
ecological strata is our developed sense of making contributory use of available resources in nature
in order to refill the man-made lacuna of the depleted natural resources.
The concept of Glamour Camping or Glamping is one such innovative strategy in order to educate the
tourists in understanding our compatibility with nature and yet making it adventurous and interesting.
Winning its accolades, Glamping is a recent baby in tourism cradle with ancient history stringed to it.
History saw Rajas and Maharajas, hunters, explorers, nomads camping, a night's halt in the wilderness
during their travel, and today we have recreated camping with the sensitivity of luxury to meet the
delicate lifestyle of contemporary tourist.
The wide geographical contrasts and variety of India provide a broth of unexplored destinations with
pristine experience. This discovery along with the value-added dimensions of various tourism element
make a significant metamorphic contribution at environmental, social, and individual levels enforcing and
ensuring responsible tourism.
Indeed a 1000 star property, as the owner Mr.Luv Shekhawat wittingly says, Utsav Camp is one brilliant
model of recreating scintillating experience out of roughness of Rajasthan’s rustic terroir. Far from the
clutches of technical paws in urban life, Safari lodge, a unique preposition of romancing with the
complex and fascinating Northen Indian ecosystem offers a clutter-free weekend that can rejuvenate
one for many more weeks and pine in heart to come back
Located at the southern side of Sariska Tiger reserve at Tesla range, lining the village, embraced by the
majestic Aravalli ranges, the luxurious handcrafted tents offer the silence of nature as some mesmerizing
Vedic hymns. Crawling over 10 acres of land, Utsav camp allures your romantic spree to supersensuous
sunsets and adventurous spree to dwell in Jungle in the safe hands of hospitality experts.
The nerves smacking taste of local foods made from locally grown vegetable and local people at service
to make you feel like one among them is a highlight to your stay.

The camp arranges various tours to Bhangard, the haunted
city, Neel Kanth, the ancient ruins of the temple town, Mansarovar lake, a bird watchers paradise, Sariska tiger
reserve, village tour, birds tour, and photography tour.

The vivid landscape beneath and the extravagant star-studded sky above gives an adrenaline rush to make
conscious effort and restoring our cultural belongingness, support the local community
economically, reviving the sense of brotherhood and coming in peace with nature.
Thus, the mantra of building an environment that needs only pampering and not protection opens up
creamier scope for the tourism industry.


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