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Virtual Exploration In The Hospitality World

In today’s time when the virtual world is changing pace and becoming an un-detachable part of our life, it's almost impossible to eradicate it completely. And to a greater extent, it is a Blessing In Disguise, This sudden pandemic has taught us how the Internet and Virtual Technology can ease our life and make things accessible just by a click.


Due to sudden Lockdown, all the big Industries came to a Halt which resulted in a change of Policy and future planning. The Hospitality Industry is the most affected by this pandemic and its revenue generation has lowered most ever in the past.


There could be a long term threat to the Hospitality Industry as the reliability of guests towards Hotel Sanitation and Safety needs to be escalated. Also, new guidelines and SoPs are being prepared to enhance the Hospitality Segment.


Technology and Virtual Expedition is only a safe way to take out the Hospitality segment from this Pandemic.

Even many Hotels have adapted the virtual way of interaction, as it seems the only way to keep their business going.


“Contact-less” or “touch-less” technologies are the most important emerging tech trends for post-COVID hotel operations. 


In a practical sense this will mean less front desk check-ins, and more online check-ins, less physical interaction, and more digital communication and engagement. 


A Lot of new inventions have been put on the ground and Internationally many guests have admired it.

Let’s discuss a few such Technology and Virtual Enhancements which have changed your way of Hospitality received and delivered.


  •  Mobile Key Cards


Hotels need to eradicate physical keys and cards and change them with Virtual/ e-Keys. The encryption protected keys would access the guest for contactless experience in Hotels be it their room or elevators.

Key card scanners need to be installed in every room and elevator.


  •  Digital Dining & Ordering


After the accommodation, the most active and busy place in the hotel is its Restaurant, A guest would surely expect contactless services over there to avoid contamination. In-room orders can be done by a Digital Kiosk Installed or thru Hotel’s Mobile Application and in the Restaurant, Dining orders can be placed by scanning the digital QR code.


  •  Kiosk Check-In/Out


The most interactive and in-contact area is always the Reception during the Check-Ins and check-out. To avoid hassle-free interaction keeping in mind the social distancing, Interactive AI-based Kiosk can be installed for Self Check-In/Check-Out.


  •  Wearables


This is becoming a new trend adopted by several Leisure hotels. This is a Contactless Bracelet that guests can wear all in the hotel to redeem several facilities. It’s like a digital wallet you can add up your desired amount and whenever you avail any hotel facilities such as Spa or Salon this can be used instead of Cash or Cards.


  •  Cashless Payment


During the bookings or check-out or even bill payment at the Restaurant use of cards and cash can escalate the risk of getting contaminated, instead hotels should encourage Cashless Payment Method such as (UPI, ScanPay, Net Banking, etc.) by giving special discounts.


  •  Chatbots & Robots


These AI-based interactive devices can be installed at several places in the Hotel be it the Central Lobby; Concierge; Business Center etc. or anywhere the guest has a query. These bots are pre-programmed to answer Frequently Asked Questions.

It reduced Human interaction without hampering guest Hospitality.


  •  Facial Recognition


The staff attendance in the hotel is monitored by Biometric scanning but in the urge of Covid-19, these methods need to be replaced by Facial or Retina Scanning System. This will maintain sanitation and reduce contact between the staff of the hotel.


So these were the few methods and enhancements a responsible hotel should adapt to escalate their business in the coming times and bounce back to bring the same Hospitality for the guest keeping in mind the Safety and Sanitation.


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