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Farmer’s magic – A Midas touch to catering industry

We need food to survive and we travel to rejoice the survival. What makes sense here is that food and journey are the two banks of a river that catalyzes the dynamism of human evolution.
“A farmer is a magician who created money from the mud” quotes Amit Kalantri and Pierre Bernardo say “ To travel is to evolve”. They carved the idea that human metamorphosis is impossible without agriculture and tourism. The two sectors knitted are like weft and warp of a fabric. The denser the weave, the stronger the nation. And whoever said the food comes from the supermarket conveniently forgets that the journey of food from fork to stomach started from farmers and farmland.
Agriculture supports the Indian households, the GDP of the nation, and the future of hoteliers. With 60% of the Indian population engaged with agriculture, 18% is being contributed to India’s GDP. This share however keeps declining as the other areas tend to develop in the country. The sorry fact that the food handlers and the hoteliers are the first lines of defense when it comes to food. Their awakened sense of responsibility towards saving India from the agricultural crisis is
paramount. Less raw materials for food leads to unemployment to the food handler. As per a report from the Environmental Research and action group, 84.7% of food waste was recorded in India. On the contrary, India broths the largest undernourished population in the world. 189.2 million people. i. e. 14% of our entire population. (India Food banking). The disruptive figures are a shout out to the fact that when the core is hit the periphery shatters. When the demand is soaring high, the supply is disturbed, the wastage uncontrolled. The prices of the food grains go beyond control. The cost of living mounts up. We compromise with health, nutrition, quality leading to a sub-standard sense of living.
The farmers who have broken roof overhead pray for rain for their crops. The irresponsible behavior of the secondary and tertiary sectors is pushing the Gold miners towards poverty. The understanding of the agro-tourism linkage is the siren of the hour. A mandate for every hotelier today is to equip and upgrade ourselves and our team in realizing the calling of a sustainable future.


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