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QualityQuarantine By Ravi Puri

 The time has taught us a new word that is to be 'quarantined' which has come to the limelight because of the Novel COVID 19 or more often, however incorrectly addressed as Corona.

History witnesses the fact that this is the toughest of times and the most dangerous of all the threats and wars we have fought to date. Globally the drastic fall of the economy has pulled us down to the pits of unemployment and financial depression. Our financial institutions are molding everyday day, taking a roller coaster ride by the ups and downs of the market conditions, amending the policies with varied calculations to ease out different industrial sectors of the country, and providing a comfortable environment to the countrymen. This has globally built a reputation and faith in our democracy and executions of our strategies as a nation. We also have been appraised by other countries for the strategies and measures taken so far. There has been a wave of gratitude for delivering life-saving medicines and other services at the most crucial time. For centuries, the human has emerged as the most intelligent one on the earth, combating and surviving circumstances that no other species can withstand. We are struggling to come out of this pandemic with the best possible solution, at the earliest.

As we all know, a coin has two faces and so this 'Quarantine' has been administered submitting the same with some positivities. The lockdown had given space and time the earth to restore. It has given the masses an unexpected void, due to which forgotten cultures are being touched upon and habits are being rekindled. This is also said to be the first time in history where we have seen all political powers and opposition leaders come under one umbrella to fight against the virus. We have seen the country behave with a different perspective altogether by praising the COVID 19 warriors such as the medical professionals, policemen, and people working in essential services. People are seen united in the nationwide wave to fight with all the courage and determination against the fatal virus by various acts like creating anonymous sounds with their thalis, conch blowing, the lighting of Diya, and clapping. The quarantine time gave us an opportunity to be more social through widespread social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The technology also has shown us the best possible ways to work and study from home, to get ourselves trained and accustomed to our home kitchens and prepare some lip-smacking delicacies for the family, challenging oneself to stick with the fitness regime, workshops and seminars have seen replaced by webinars. All of this has shown us our capabilities to keep thee sow on despite the most adverse conditions. It has made us believe in our strengths that we never knew we had.

It is time to reevaluate our choices and to get back to the roots of self-discipline, being tolerant, respectful, and honor the mother nature. It is an opportunity to get closer to our culture and keep looking for more knowledge and wisdom. We need to make wiser decisions, be calmer, and learn to disregard the ecstasies and desires of being more capitalist. We need to learn and rebuild strong character, be more flexible towards the existence of different religions and ways of life. It can be achieved by developing the approach of inclusiveness, being integrated, rational thinkers, and come out as the best version of mankind and an ideal nation to be on earth.


  1. Shraboni May 02, 2020 04:34 PM

    Quarantine has redefined our lives..enjoyed reading you..waiting for next one

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