Microbreweries: Renaissance in the Indian context By Shraboni Puri

When the United States already had 2300 microbreweries by mid-1980s and 135 in the U.K at the sam...

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What's Next for Hospitality Educators - An Introspection By Shaily Pandey

Preparing our students for post-COVID19 Hospitality Business is the need of the hour and though e...

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Nurturing Oneself During Lockdown - A student's Perspective - By Tamanna Udasi

In our personal lives, and on a global scale, we face problems that act as the challenges and tes...

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Disconnect To Reconnect By Rahul Kumawat


As many of we are aware that biodiversity loss leads to the emerg...

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QualityQuarantine By Ravi Puri

 The time has taught us a new word that is to be 'quarantined' which Read more

Add Some Colors to your food platter this Holi!!!

This Holi when the whole nation is gripped by precautious approach towards our most beloved festi...

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2000 kilometer of Rustic Culinary Charm

It is said 'Jesaann, wesa mann'. You are what you eat!

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Lehariya Ghevar Gateau

Traveling unveils to our eyes and soul, the true meaning of our much-revered philosophy - Vasudev...

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