IHMCS has given me a sense of direction. I now know which path to follow to pursue my dreams. Thanks to the faculty members for their guidance and support
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Zuhaib Afidi
"I got a platform to flaunt my abilities inner qualities and develop them even more at IHMCS and will highly recommend this institute to the students who look forward to a great career"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image ARCHA MISHRA
"IHMCS not only believes in theoretical knowledge but strongly emphasis on practical. It trains and enables you to seek career opportunities in not only hotels but several other industries like retail, aviation, MNCs, travel & Tourism etc. Thanks to the kind assistance of IHMCS, I am now placed in retails which was always my dream job.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Akanksha Jain
"Before joining IHMCS, I was quite raw but now I see myself as a well trained & confident person. I am extremely thankful to the Team IHMCS for the guidance.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Akshay Saxena
"IHMCS has given me a dream to follow. I aspire to do well with the amazing facilities provided by IHMCS for developing bar tending skills in the students. I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful institution.."
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Manoj Pathak
"The buzz word around the city is IHMCS. This college not only trains and transforms you but helps you to become true hospitality professionals. It has been very helpful in terms of my training and placement needs.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Durgeshwari
I have a deep bonding with IHMCS. It has taken me through the thick and thins of my student life and the faculties have guided me beyond the periphery of professional guidance. I am placed successfully in the Industry and look forward to a great career and the credit goes to my college.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Vikas Chauhan
With extra emphasis on languages like French, German and Spanish I feel IHMCS has given an advantage to me over several other candidates. I feel more equipped with the knowledge of Event Management a well. Learning is fun here and I am loving the environment.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Shubham Kamdi
I have been constantly attending various seminars and workshops organised by my college, and now I understand its importance. The extra efforts made by IHMCS to provide exposure to the students via various workshops is commendable and I will like to express my appreciation on this platform.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Ishika Tanwar
IHMCS is another family to me! Its one thing to have teachers and other to have mentors for life time. That's what you get from your association with IHMCS. Thanks a lot.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Suvigya Sharma
IHMCS has oulded my life to a great extent. I now feel confident enough to pursue my dream of having my own Event Management company. I will be forever be grateful.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Suraj Thapa
I have built new dreams after joining IHMCS and it has done amazing job in nurturing them. I feel that the platform given by IHMCS to its students for performing and participating in various competition within and outside the college is outstanding.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Suraj Thapa
I am very happy with my decision of joining IHMCS. My views, opinions, horizons of thoughts have expanded so much. It s great to be taught by faculties of such vast and varied experience and one can trust their future is secure in their hands.
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Shubham Sharma